Storytelling for immersive transmedia experiences.

Our second workshop introduced the concept of transmedia to the participating writers. We were lucky enough to have Alison Norrington lead the workshop, she tooks us through the ABC’s and inspired us with some of her own transmedia projects.

We have been very lucky in finding the mentors we have for the writing workshops. Alison came highly recommended and boy did she deliver. Our aim for the workshop was for those participating to get a taste of what is involved in telling a transmedia story. Actually, after this workshop I stopped describing what we were doing as writing and started to refer to it as experience design. A subtle shift in terminology perhaps, but an important one. As with transmedia, it isn’t the author of the work that tells a story. Instead the story is created by those experiencing it.

This was a bit of a challenge for us all but Alison navigated the workshop participants towards a solid understanding of the principles of transmedia story creation. Personally I especially liked the conversational models Alison used to talk about the different ways we can think of story as a form of communication. It is also interesting to see the groups ideas developing and a growing level of complexity that is emerging from everyone’s input.

If you are unsure of what is meant by transmedia storytelling I have posted a short video below which might give you a quick introduction. The video is a summary of a transmedia story that was produced by a Spanish creative agency. It won’t answer all your questions but will give you a brief introduction. Don’t be put off by the ‘branding’ focus, transmedia story’s can also be done just for fun of for the experience.

Though if you really want to know more there are a couple of ways you can get involved with the project either as a creator or an player. Just get in touch via the website and we can tell you what is involved.

Alison Norrington has over 25 years experience in professional storytelling and entertainment working with working with such companies as Walt Disney Imagineering and a featured member of the BAFTA Guru Series. She is a founder of STORYCENTRAL incubating new franchises, participative experiences, production, story architecture, mythology and planning, prototyping, audience development and engagement and utilizing social media.

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