As some of you who follow us will know we have been working hard on the development of this Arts Council England funded project inspired by the novel “The Snow Witch” by Matt Wingett. As the project has developed the ideas behind it have become more focused and we are now ready to unveil the rebranded name for the project which will henceforth be known as “Cursed City – Dark Tide”.

At a recent writers meeting we were given the opportunity to pitch the project to one of our mentors Alison Norrington. She was keen that we rename the story and give it more of a sense of danger. She also suggested that the name should tell people more about what to expect from the project as it rolls out this autumn. After much discussion we finally settled on the new name and all of our marketing and outward facing branding is now being adapted.

The Cursed City writing group workshopping a scene with Alison Norrington.

Alison also showed us some examples of the way in which she documents her own transmedia projects. She took us through a spreadsheet she has previously used to script a minute by minute social media interaction between some of her actors. We will be doing something similar so it was extremely useful to be able to workshop some of our opening scenes in the same way with Alison guiding us. She will be back again to input into the final draft of the project later in August and we will update you with progress after that meeting.

We have a new logo as well which we hope will give you all a good idea of what to expect from the project and we hope you will enjoy the story we aim to tell over the coming months and will want to take part.

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