Those of you who have read The Snow Witch novel will be familiar with the name Lissitch. He is a tricky character and plays a central role to the story.  It seems though that he has stepped out of the imagination of author Matt Wingett and off the pages of the book into real life.

Walking home late the other evening I stumbled across a curious scene. Now everyone is familiar with the site of urban foxes, they are as common as anything around the streets at night. They show no fear of humans and it is as if you have intruded into their territory. You hear them at night in the back garden terrifying the local cats.

What I saw the other night, though. Was not something I expected to ever see. A man-size fox pasting up street art on a wall around the corner from me. He must have been pretty absorbed with what he was doing as I seemed to startle him. I just about managed to get a quick picture before he was off. Left me a little stunned, I mean, really?

A fox, doing street art?

I went back the next day for a better took a look at the paste-up he was posting. There, clear as the light of day was the name Lissitch plastered down the side. I even looked him up on Instagram and you can find him easy enough @lissitch2019. He is brazenly posting pictures of himself at work and it seems like he doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. So far, the only images I have been able to capture seem to be using some kind of occult symbolism. What’s he up to?

A strange game this character is playing but is it really the same person, the same Lissitch as in The Snow Witch? I have messaged the author and he has not responded to my questions. I don’t know quite what to make of it.

Comment below if you have any ideas?


Published by Reynold Lissitch

Street artist and eminent raconteur with shapeshifting capabilities.

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