When we initially had the idea for the Cursed City – Dark Tide project, over a year ago now, we tested some ideas through social media. We asked people who had read The Snow Witch novel if we brought this story to life what should we include in the telling. A number of people said they wanted to see Dontiza, the protagonist from the novel playing the violin.

And that is just what we have done!

Finding someone to take on the role of Dontitza was always going to be a challenge as we needed someone who could play the violin to a very high standard and who would also have the right kind of attitude to take on the role. After all, this is going to be immersive theatre and the person taking the part will need to have some real presence to carry it off.

In the end, we found a very talented musician to take on the part. In fact, we ended up kind of stalking her on social media after someone made a recommendation. Our initial approaches didn’t seem to get a response and then she made contact through a completely random channel without even knowing we had been trying to get in touch. Clearly, providence, or perhaps the work of another of the characters from the story, Lissitch our puppet master. But more on him later.

So, we are pleased to say that we have our Donitza, she will be played by an amazing musician from Brighton who not only plays classically but also fronts a number of bands as singer and fiddle player. And not folk bands either! Hana Maria has an extensive social media presence and I am sure you can easily find her work online. From fronting power punk bands as Hana Pirahna to more experimental videos which you can see on her Youtube channel. The video below is just one of many to choose from on the channel and I love the video overlay of her playing all the parts.

Hana Maria – Midnight, The Stars and You (Ray Noble and His Orchestra)

Right now, Hana is working with our musical director to learn some tunes for the story. These will all be Balkan traditional music, so we have set her a bit of a challenge. Keep your eyes open for her as Donitza as we will have her busking around Portsmouth very soon. If you spot her and share a photo or video with us on the Facebook page for Cursed City – Dark Tide there will be a couple of free tickets to the finale on 9th November.

Watch this space for more info.

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